Richwood Townhomes - LOCATION

Richwood Townhomes is located at Brgy. Navarro, Gen. Trias, Cavite.

The Richwood Town homes are located in a serene environment that is perfect for anyone who is interested. The area is surrounded by the best features that make your daily life easy.

In Richwood townhomes, all your shopping needs are catered for. You do not have to travel abnormal distances so that you can get what you want. We have malls in the area that will take care of you. There are up to 5 malls in the area within a radius of less than 2 kilometers. You can easily chose the one that you like and are comfortable with. They include; SVFH Memorial Chapel (1.43km), Lucky Juan Mini Mart (1.49km), Alfa Mart Catalina (1.54km), Austin Purified Water (1.68Km) and Santiaguel (1.81km).

Many parents are always concerned about the distance of their kids school from home. No one wants their kids travelling long distances to school. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not have your kids coming back home tired due to the distance covered. We have schools all over the place that you can take your kids to. They include; St. Jude (0.74km), PNTC Dasmarias (0.94km), Immaculate Conception School IBAYO WEST (1.32km), NCST (1.58km), and the Tropical Village Elementary School (1.59km).

No one ever plans for emergencies. However, at Richwood Homes, you can rest easy knowing that hospitals are near in case you need to seek medical attention. In addition, the hospitals are equipped to deal with emergencies when they arise. The following are the hospitals in the area; Lumubos Medical Clinic (1.38km), ADB Maternity and Lying Inn (1.68km), Medbrooke Pediatrics (1.68km) and Brookside Medical Clinic (1.71km).

Tired of eating at home or you just want a quick snack? You are well covered. We have different eating joints in the area that make sure you don’t go hungry. They are well equipped to serve you with what you may need always. The restaurants include the following; Katrina Czars Eatery (1.26km), Czarina Katrina Eatery (1.28km), Amamer Foodhauz (1.52km), Franks Bar and Grill (1.60km), and Yummy Foodie (1.64km).


  • SVFH Memorial Chapel - 1.43 km
  • Lucky Juan Mini Mart - 1.49 km
  • Alfa Mart Catalina - 1.54 km
  • Austin Purified Water - 1.68 km
  • Santiaguel - 1.81 km


  • St. Jude - 0.74 km
  • PNTC Dasmarias - 0.94 km
  • Immaculate Conception School IBAYO WEST - 1.32 km
  • NCST - 1.58 km
  • Tropical Village Elem. School - 1.59 km


  • Lumubos Medical Clinic - 1.38 km
  • ADB Maternity and Lying Inn - 1.59 km
  • Medbrooke Pediatrics - 1.68 km
  • Brookside Medical Clinic - 1.71 km


  • Katrina Czars Eatery - 1.26 km
  • Czarina Katrina Eatery - 1.28 km
  • Amamer Foodhauz - 1.52 km
  • Franks Bar and Grill - 1.60 km
  • Yummy Foodies - 1.64 km
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