Richwood Townhomes - AMENITIES

Our town homes are set up in such a way that we inspire outdoor living and interaction. You will have a great time with the neighbors and make good friends due to the facilities that are available.  The town homes in Richwood residents enjoy tons of green space as well as planned gathering spaces. The town homes give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy life. The environment in which the house are built is eco-friendly.

Your stay here will make you experience the styles and comforts of living without the hassles of ownership as well as the upkeep. The following are some of the Richwood amenities that will make your life easy and the time you spend in our homes worth it;

Townhome Amenities

To make your life enjoyable in the Richwood Town homes. We have come up with amenities that are perfect for all the residents. You can never be left behind when it comes to our social amenities, they are one of the best and part of why we are the among the most trusted company around. They include the following;

  • The Reading Room
  • The Bamboo Park
  • Greenhouse
  • Terraced Lawns
  • Swimming pool
  • Health-club-quality fitness center
  • Private driveways
  •  Pet-friendly neighborhood
  • Paved greenway and extensive sidewalks
  • Gated playground
  • Planned social events
  • Year-round activities and sports
  • Consistently top-rated school system
  • Easy to commute
  • Paved greenway and extensive sidewalks
  • Water efficient fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Energy-efficient light fixtures
  • HVAC systems that are advanced
  • Oversized windows to allow natural light into the house

With all this in place, who can say no to our system? Make the right choice today, join us and you will never look back.

  • The Reading Room
  • Bamboo Park
  • Greenhouse
  • Terraced Lawns
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